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We all have our personal essential oil favorites and we routinely choose them above the rest. Don’t you dream that one day you will have the full range at your fingertips to cover any mental, emotional, physical, spiritual need you might have to overcome? Until that glorious day this ten of the best gift set, containing the five-top single essential oils and top 5 blends, will cover a vast array of benefits between them. The five single wonders include eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, sweet orange and peppermint and are the core group of natures’ “potions” that remedy any health, immunity, mood or energy issues.

Treat yourself or a loved one to these 10 transformative and powerful experiences as you are always saving when you buy in sets.

5 Singles

Eucalyptus: Improves respiratory issues, anti-inflammatory, heals colds and flu, nourishes hair, effective for wound treatment.

Lavender: A relaxing antidepressant, natural antibiotic, stress relieving, antioxidant, detoxifying sweet, floral versatile oil.

Lemon:  Powerful relief for abdominal colic pain, supports lymphatic drainage, cough remedy, relieves nausea, nourishes the skin and encourages weight loss.

Sweet Orange: Reduces worry, encourages cheerfulness, promotes detoxification, fights cancerous tumors, decreases hypertension, fights chronic fatigue, lessens wrinkles.

Peppermint: Improves mental clarity, stamina enhancer, clears respiratory tract, reduces fever, boosts energy, releases tight muscles, supports digestion and freshens bad breath.

5 Blends

Calm: A blend of bergamot, grapefruit, orange, patchouli and ylang-ylang essential oils are blended to provide a center of calm in your hectic life. Citrus oils are well known for their ability to lift the mood, while patchouli provides an earthy, grounding effect. Finally, ylang-ylang provides a sensual, dreamy and peaceful feeling that will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

Relax: An uplifting blend of bergamot, grapefruit, orange, lavender and patchouli oils. Each element on its own has calming, uplifting and stimulating qualities, but it is their combination that creates the perfect tonic to alleviate stress and anxiety. Inhale its aromas directly for an instant sense of peace-on-demand, or diffuse to create a warm and embracing environment in your home.

Breathe: This blend is a refreshing combination of Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary and Ylang-ylang essential oils. This potent combination opens the airways and assists with helping us to breathe deeply and fully. It has a restorative and refreshing aroma that promotes the oxygenation of our cells through proper breathing. It’s a miracle blend that fights colds, fevers, coughs and bronchitis, aids circulation and ultimately strengthens our immune system.

Immunity: In a world that constantly compromises our health and wellbeing, we are all in need of a good boost to strengthen our immune system, both in times of sickness and health. Designed to provide support to your healthy lifestyle, our Immunity blend combines eucalyptus, frankincense, lemon, orange, rosemary and tea tree essential oils. Each oil on its own is known for its healthful properties, but combined they become a ‘super-oil’ that penetrates deep to relieve congestion, rid the body of toxins and stimulate circulation.

Clarity: This stimulating blend combines basil, bergamot, grapefruit and lemon to create a mentally and emotionally invigorating atmosphere, sharpening mental acuity and helping you to focus your attention to the task at hand. Basil is at the heart of this blend, with its ability to focus the mind and support tasks that require great concentration. Citrus oils like bergamot and grapefruit chase negative feelings away, while grapefruit and lemon immediately lift the senses to maximum alertness.



On the recommendation of the International Federation of Aromatherapists, TruGardens does not endorse taking essential oils internally unless specifically directed and prescribed by a qualified healthcare practitioner who is also trained in clinical aromatherapy. Avoid using during pregnancy, or if you suspect you might be pregnant, except on the advice of a qualified practitioner. Store all essential oil products safely out of reach of children. Essential oils are potent, and a little bit goes a long way. Do not use essential oils undiluted directly on the skin as they can cause irritation. Keep away from children, and do not apply near the eyes, mucous membranes, sensitive or broken skin. Every individual reacts differently to essential oils: Always perform a ‘test patch’ properly diluted in carrier oil to determine sensitivity.

This statement has not been approved, assessed or otherwise endorsed by the FDA. TruGardens does not in any way support the use of these products for the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease.