TruGardens Essential Oils are offered to you to support an enduring passion for life, love and living authentically in harmony with our planet. A family owned and operated enterprise, we are dedicated to bringing you the purest, most natural aromatherapy products available anywhere, safe and suitable for the whole family.

"My first hands on exposure to essential oils was in 2002 while attending massage therapy school. It was the first time I heard certain oils being described as antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. That some of these tiny bottles contained so many benefits beside just smelling good was intriguing! So I began to experiment, creating blends diluted in jojoba oil and sharing them with my family and later incorporating into my massage therapy practice.

Ever since then, I’ve always had a small collection of essential oils including Lavender for calming and helping little ones drift off to sleep; Tea Tree for minor cuts, scrapes and treating acne; Rosemary for a dry flaky scalp; Peppermint for my severe migraines and several others for blending and using in massage treatments and body scrubs. I've spent the last few years really studying and getting to know as much as I can about these amazing oils.

My husband who is a very hard working entrepreneur started to feel the effects of late nights, early mornings and all that comes with running businesses, and the stress was getting really intense. He turned to meditation to help alleviate his work-aholism and super high stress levels, setting up a “meditation station” in our home office. He starts every day in there and since incorporating a diffuser with calming, meditative oils, it has helped keep him focused, grounded and more relaxed.

In our search to find a great brand of essential oils, that offered a personal connection, we weren’t finding that “one” that resonated with us. Most of them had the same stodgy look, and we never really got that good feeling we were looking for. Simple details were missing, things like following-up after a sale, a good social media presence we could interact with and a mission that aligned with the things we care about: family, friends, having fun, being kind, and giving back while improving quality of life.

If you’re like us, you have eclectic tastes, are vibrant and full of life! You appreciate an honest, authentic connection, and are looking for lifestyle products that enrich and enhance your health, your home, family and environment. This is what TruGardens brings. We use these essential oil products every single day, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.” 

TruGardens Essential Oils are backed by our unequivocal 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are committed to providing you with an exemplary customer experience and are committed to offering the highest quality products at the best possible prices. We value your wellbeing as we value our own, and would never offer any product that we would not use ourselves or could not fully endorse. We promise to revitalize, refresh, calm, soothe and inspire you with extraordinary aromatic products that you will love.

Take a moment. Get back to the garden.

“What people are saying about us…"

Great carrier oil I have never used sweet almond oil before but am so glad I gave this a try! I mix it with the Zen blended essential oil. Its not greasy and goes on so smooth.

April W.

Great diffuser! I love my diffuser! It is quiet and the colors are nice. I also love that it has the option to not have a light on so I can use it at night in my room.

Brittany M.

Eucalyptus is my favorite!I absolutely love this oil. It is such a soothing and refreshing oil. I love to diffuse this at night in my bedroom to help clear my head and relax.