What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated extracts of certain plants, grasses, herbs or trees, and could be derived from their fruit, leaves, roots, stems, flowers or seeds. They are called essential because they contain the very essence of the plant, and contain all of its aromatic and healthful properties.

Where can I purchase TruGardens Essential Oil?

TruGardens essential oil products are currently available through our website. Orders ship within 48 hours and express shipping is available to most places in the world. Since we have no brick and mortar storefront, we are able to pass the savings along to you.

How do I use essential oils?

There are several ways to use essential oils: diffusion, topically or for household use. TruGardens essential oils are meant specifically for aromatherapy purposes. If used topically, it is recommended to dilute the product in a carrier oil. Diffusing is a popular way to derive a great deal of pleasure from essential oils. 

Are essential oils safe to use on children? 

It is always recommended to dilute essential oils before use, either in a carrier oil or in the bath. If applied topically, apply to the bottoms of their feet as this area is not as sensitive as other areas of the body.

Are TruGardens essential oils therapeutic grade?

All TruGardens essential oils are guaranteed highest quality available. "Therapeutic Grade" is simply a marketing term used by some essential oil companies in an effort to differentiate themselves from others. It is not an industry standard and does not exist in quality testing. Our essential oil products meet and exceed the highest of today’s safety standards. You will never find any GMO’s, pesticides, herbicides or other harmful chemicals in our products, ever! All of our suppliers are upheld to the most stringent of standards as set out by the USDA, and many of our base ingredients are certified organic. We never add any fillers, base additives, paraffin or carriers to our oils, nor do we use any products, ingredients or packaging that pose a threat to the environment, people or animals.

Where do the plants come from that are used to make the oils?

Each oil is made from plants that grow naturally/wild in their own environment. Oils are extracted from these plants in the countries and regions in which they are grown. The suppliers we deal with have excellent relationships with these growers, ensuring that our high standards are being met in every way. Our labels always state the country and sometimes the region where the product was distilled.

Are TruGardens essential oils organic?

We do carry several essential oils which are certified under the organic standards act, but not every product is certified organic. Wherever possible we source our products from organic sources, however, all of the plants that are used to make each of our oils are farmed naturally without pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.

Are TruGardens products vegan?

All TruGardens products are 100% derived from plant sources. Our products are never tested on animals, nor do they contain any ingredients that are animal in origin.

How are essential oils made?

Essential oils are distilled in a process that extracts the aromatic and beneficial compounds from the plant in question. Flowers, leaves, roots, grasses or seeds are gently heated, and the resulting steam is captured in a container. The essential oil then separates from the water and can be extracted.

Can essential oils be ingested?

Essential oils are powerful and concentrated, and many individuals use them for various medicinal purposes. However, we are not licensed medical practitioners and cannot recommend internal use unless you are doing so under the guidance of a medical doctor who is also qualified in aromatherapy. You may have medical conditions we are unaware of, allergies or sensitivities, and above all we want to ensure you are using our products safely. We label our products ‘for external use only’ because many of these oils have the potential to do a great deal of damage if taken internally. If you are purchasing essential oils with the intention of ingesting them, we advise that you first seek the guidance of a holistic or medical practitioner who has some expertise in this area.

Do essential oils expire?

Most essential oils do not have an expiration date per se; some even get better with age, such as patchouli or sandalwood. However, citrus oils that are cold-pressed do not tend to last very long, some as little as six months to one year. For maximum freshness and vibrancy, store your oils at a consistent temperature and away from light.

Are essential oils safe to use during pregnancy?

Our oils are 100% pure, but it is always recommended to consult your physician if you have any doubts whatsoever. TruGardens products are free from pesticides, GMO’s and other harmful chemicals, but many are powerful and highly concentrated, and could cause irritation if applied directly to the skin. There are some essential oils that are not recommended for use at all during pregnancy, and these include basil, clove, clary sage, lemongrass, thyme, rosemary, and cinnamon bark, some of which have been known to cause contractions. After pregnancy and during breastfeeding, peppermint has been known to decrease milk supply. Use with caution, and do consult a qualified health practitioner.

What is a carrier oil?

A carrier oil is an oil made from a seed, nut or vegetable, and is meant to dilute and deliver the essential oil for topical or other uses. Some carrier oils have beneficial properties in themselves, such as jojoba oil, grapeseed oil or fractioned coconut oil.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely! We are so confident that you will love TruGardens essential oil products that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, with no questions asked. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your purchase, you are invited to return it to us for a full refund.

“What people are saying about us…"

Great carrier oil I have never used sweet almond oil before but am so glad I gave this a try! I mix it with the Zen blended essential oil. Its not greasy and goes on so smooth.

April W.

Great diffuser! I love my diffuser! It is quiet and the colors are nice. I also love that it has the option to not have a light on so I can use it at night in my room.

Brittany M.

Eucalyptus is my favorite!I absolutely love this oil. It is such a soothing and refreshing oil. I love to diffuse this at night in my bedroom to help clear my head and relax.