Essential Oils Basics

Essential oils are 100% plant-based, concentrated, volatile and aromatic compounds derived from the flowers, roots, leaves, stems, seeds, bark or fruits of a plant. Of the thousands upon thousands of aromatic plants that grow on this planet, approximately five hundred of them are processed for oil extraction. Used for millennia for their healing properties as well as their aromatic qualities, each single oil or blend encourages a vital connection between body and mind, providing benefits to the whole self as well as the environment around us.

Essential oils contain organic compounds that act as adaptogens, which help to manage the health of your adrenal system, lowering cortisol and balancing your body’s hormonal response to stress and fatigue.

Studies show that the majority of our emotions are induced by scent. While some scents soothe anxiety, there are others which can provide mental clarity and relief from pain. The feelings that can be evoked by a scent are particularly powerful, bringing joy and optimism, calm and relaxation, and promoting a sense of overall wellbeing whether used on the skin or in your home. 

Then and Now 

Essential oils have been used as far back as Greek and Roman times, where they were used to heal wounds and to reduce inflammation. Ginger was administered as an antibiotic. Lavender was often used as an antiseptic, as it was found to prevent scarring and infection.

Today, holistic practitioners use essential oils as an anti-fungal, to treat minor colds and sinusitis, and to promote mental agility and clarity. They are as effectual for meditative practice as they are in preparation for an important presentation. Some essential oils can help you find the most peaceful sleep, while others invigorate – at any stage of life. For more on how essential oils can enhance your life, check out our blog. 


Our Promise 

TruGardens Essential Oils are specifically for aromatherapy purposes, and are intended to promote a calm, serene and peaceful environment in your home or workspace. We also provide high quality products for the body and home to help invigorate your overall health and well-being.

 As lovers of life and family, we know how important it is to live in harmony with our environment. All of our ingredients are grown, harvested and processed with a minimum of impact to our planet, and in most cases support other family-owned and operated businesses that share our values.

 We do not add fillers or base ingredients to any of our essential oils, so that we can deliver a product that is as pure as the day it was extracted. With every possible effort made to preserve the integrity of our oils, we guarantee that each are made to exacting standards of quality, purity and safety. Certificates of analysis and specifications for each of our products are available on this site or by request.

 If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a full refund within 90 days, no questions asked.

“What people are saying about us…"

Great carrier oil I have never used sweet almond oil before but am so glad I gave this a try! I mix it with the Zen blended essential oil. Its not greasy and goes on so smooth.

April W.

Great diffuser! I love my diffuser! It is quiet and the colors are nice. I also love that it has the option to not have a light on so I can use it at night in my room.

Brittany M.

Eucalyptus is my favorite!I absolutely love this oil. It is such a soothing and refreshing oil. I love to diffuse this at night in my bedroom to help clear my head and relax.