Authentic: Of undisputed origin. Genuine, veritable, true. These are the meanings of the word, but how does it apply to TruGardens essential oils?

TruGardens strives to be a company that you can feel good about. Each and every product in our line is truly authentic, representing our commitment to your wellbeing and the future of our planet. We obtain all of our essential oils from the most sustainable sources possible in order to bring you oils of the finest quality and purity available anywhere. We search the world to bring you products from quality minded producers, ensuring a finished product that is worthy of the TruGardens name.


Purity and quality go hand in hand, although they are often mutually exclusive. We work with some of the world’s most brilliant essential oil analysts to ensure that our products hold to a higher standard, meeting and in some cases exceeding the strict guidelines that dictate what makes essential oils suitable for use in aromatherapy. In partnership with several analytical laboratories, we put our products through a rigorous testing and sampling procedure, making sure that the end product is as pure and unadulterated as can be. What you see on the label is exactly what you get on the inside, as pure and natural as an essential oil can be.


We source our products by hand – meaning, we know exactly where our raw materials come from, how they are grown and who is growing them. We know the ‘where’ matters just as much as the how, so we take our time to understand the implications and impact of each plant in each and every region. Each supplier we work with, each and every farmer shares our values and vision for a sustainable future, helping you feel good about feeling better, every single day.Our organic growers are held to the highest standards in the world, and even our conventionally grown raw materials are done so with GMO, pesticide and herbicide-free farming practices that are as kind to the environment as they are to our bodies.


We test multiple samples from each and every supplier, and do so each time we purchase from them to assure a consistency of product. We stand behind our guarantee of quality and purity and would be remiss if we were unable to prove our claims. First, we test in-house for what we can see and smell, and then we send the samples out for third party lab testing. Parameters we look at include the clarity, color and smells of the essential oils, how the concentration of aromas disperse over time and whether they resemble a typical example of a high-quality oil. Lab testing gives us a further breakdown of the oil’s constituents, through tests such as gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, sometimes referred to as GC/MS testing. These tests show us what the concentration and purity of the oil is, and will also list any contaminants or artificial additions that may be present. GC/MS testing is able to tell us what, if any, synthetic ingredients are present, allowing us to continue to produce a consistently pure product, and one that is fit to bear the TruGardens name.

Gas Chromatography

During this process, the essential oil is vaporized in order to separate the various constituents so that volatile substances can be analyzed. This phase of testing supplies us with information on what compounds are present in the oil and in what concentrations.

Mass Spectrometry

MS is a process by which the sample is ionized and then sorted based on their mass-to-charge ratio, usually by using an electric or magnetic field. It measures the masses of compounds within a sample and identifies each one through characteristic patterns.

MS is a process by which the sample is ionized and then sorted based on their mass-to-charge ratio, usually by using an electric or magnetic field. It measures the masses of compounds within a sample and identifies each one through characteristic patterns.

Refractive Index

The refractive index represents the speed at which light travels through a compound, in this case, the essential oil. Using a refractometer, we determine whether the refractive index is typical of the type of essential oil, or if it has been tampered with in any way. Refractive indexes will be off if there has been any contamination or adulteration.

Quality Control

Before we release an essential oil product to you, you can be confident that it meets or exceeds our high standards of quality and integrity. We package our essential oil in light-protecting amber glass to ensure that it reaches you intact and uncompromised. Our in-house quality control team oversees the entire bottling process to make sure that each bottle is sterile, filled to its volume and sealed adequately to prevent breakage, seepage or spillage on route to your door. We perform random spot checks to make certain that we don’t miss a thing, and finally, that our labels are properly placed, clean and free of residue.

Quality Assurance

Each and every bottle of TruGardens essential oil is linked to batch testing that can be reverse engineered from the final product. Each package features a unique code that will tell us exactly what batch the oil came from, and our website contains the most recent lab test results for each product. Simply navigate to your product and click on ‘test results’ and you will be taken to a page that will divulge everything we know about the oil. If you are wondering about a specific batch, and the batch number on the site does not match your product, please contact us and we will forward the test results to you directly.


We want you to know that your happiness is our number one priority. We stand behind our promises and will bend over backwards to assure your confidence in our products, our service and our integrity. TruGardens essential oils are distilled from the highest quality, most sustainable sources available in the world. Our promise to you is one of total satisfaction or your money back, no questions asked. We are so sure that you will be thrilled with our essential oils and essential oil products that you will become a valued TruGardens client well into your serene, healthful future.




“What people are saying about us…"

Great carrier oil I have never used sweet almond oil before but am so glad I gave this a try! I mix it with the Zen blended essential oil. Its not greasy and goes on so smooth.

April W.

Great diffuser! I love my diffuser! It is quiet and the colors are nice. I also love that it has the option to not have a light on so I can use it at night in my room.

Brittany M.

Eucalyptus is my favorite!I absolutely love this oil. It is such a soothing and refreshing oil. I love to diffuse this at night in my bedroom to help clear my head and relax.